In 1858, Frédéric Boucheron, born in the fabric dealer family, opened a jewelry store in the Galerie de Valois under the arcades of the Palais Royal. This marks the beginning of the brand's glorious history of nearly 160 years.
In 1963, the combination of Chopin and Karl Scheufele III opened the first threshold for jewelry, continuing the craftsmanship of watchmaking, and Carl and the Carinle brought their expertise in jewelry.
In 1780, Chaumet founder Marie-Etienne Nitot wrote an unforgettable first page for this unparalleled brand with a brilliant eye. The soul of the craftsmanship that has been inherited for 230 years, Josephine became the first queen to wear a crown in history, accompanied by the glory of Napoleon to unveil the great beginning of the brand
«My creations are inspired by life, sunshine, sports and vitality. »* is the core inspiration and value of Fred's jewelry creation, from the bright and warm South American sunshine that Fred Samuel recalls.
"Diamonds seem to be a stylish declaration of independence. Said Valérie Messika of the Messika family. It symbolizes that “the current diamond jewelry is a part of fashion compared with the trend of the past: girls can wear
Pasquale Bruni originated in Italy, the 20-year-old Pasquale is inspired by creative vision. This is a creative and energetic dream cradle studio that originated in Valenza. It is also a bridge for two generations of creativity, creating the most outstanding jewellery brand for women around the world. Every day we bring our knowledge, independence and experience to studio to achieve the love of labor.