About Pegasus


Pegasus, Created a “spiritual spring” that symbolizes inspiration

     In view of the fact that the information on the sale of European fine jewelry market is difficult to distinguish, it is often necessary to enter the foreign language website to purchase. Even go to the local entity store so you can be able to get your favorite style, time and labor costs are considerable. Therefore, Ms. Peng Wan Ting, the founder of Pegasus , has used the experience of the past 25 years successfully to connect the information and logistics of major jewelry brands, and hopes to provide consumers with a truly official direct delivery platform.


E-commerce Business Department was formally established

    Specializing in the trading platform of European jewelry and diamonds, the team members uphold the original intention of the company's core values, professionally serve each customer, and create a European boutique that can be purchased through the Pegasus platform at an affordable price and the authenticity of the factory no matter where you are. Just like the intimate secretary butler, let the jewelry become the most free accessories in front of your daily mirror, create a unique style for you every day, leaving your confidence and free Fashion.

Service Features

Cooperate with internationally delivery

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