1. This website is a boutique jewelry monopoly, the price is more expensive and some products have sanitation concerns. It does not support return or exchange and is not applicable to 7-day appreciation. Please carefully consider and confirm the relevant official website to search for relevant product information before placing an order.
  2.  After receiving the goods, if there have any error in the product or wrong style, please contact the customer service staff by phone or Mail within 7 days of the arrival date, and the PG customer service staff will assist you with the return and exchange. .
  3. After receiving the customer's order, PG immediately confirms whether there is any inventory. If the PG is temporarily out of stock, the customer sevice will contact the delivery date within 24hours. Upon completion, the estimated delivery date will be updated, based on the actual delivery time. If there is no stock corresponding to the goods in Europe, the manufacturer's production completion date will be confirmed immediately, and the delivery date will be confirmed. PG Customer will notify the consumer within 24 hours after receiving the order to confirm whether or not to agree to continue the delivery. If you do not agree, PG agrees to cancel the order and refund the amount, no fee will be charged.