1. You can use the search function and the filtering function to select products on the PG webpage. Depending on the style of each brand, PG may not present all the products in the foreground. If the brand does not find your favorite products, you can directly click on the lower right corner.
  2. Contact customer service to help search for products or search for your favorite products on the official website of each brand. Send a picture of the product and a screenshot of the name to the customer service staff of PG by contact us. A specialist will contact you and the customer service staff will help you make the order. 
  3. Amount indicated on the PG page is Each European brand official website price X Current day card exchange rate =PG sales amount
  4. The price of the product detail page includes shipping and customs duties.
  • Add to the Cart

  1. The decorations and objects matched with the photos on the webpage are only for the image, and the actual products are mainly based on the text specifications and the real objects.
  2. The measuring instruments all contain a number of error values, which are actually based on the actual object. PG webpage sales are absolutely genuine, please rest assured.
  3. When the product is shot, it is necessary to present clearer product details. The product photo will be inaccurate with the actual product. Please refer to the actual product.
  4. When purchasing products, please pay special attention to confirm that the product style is correct, and pay attention to the relevant product notes. .
  • The items in the PG webpage are subject to the official European delivery status. The arrival time varies depending on the product. Please confirm the pre-order  days on the product details page to confirm the status of this product.
  1. General merchandise - delivery to customers after 7-14 days, but due to geographical differences, there may be delays in shipping such as customs declaration
  2. Pre-ordered merchandise - this is out of stock, We will Check and Transfer cargo from France. delivery to customers after 14-21 days
  • ​Delivery of merchandise: Due to the different nationality and national conditions of the supplier, the delivery time will be different. In the event of a longer holiday, the customs will not be able to complete the delivery due to the completion of the contract. This situation does not apply to the breach of the treaty. If you want to know the time of arrival, you can ask the customer service staff before placing the order, and the two parties will confirm the agreement before placing the order.


  • Payment:

  • he actual price of the goods purchased by PG's official website is calculated based on the online sales price of each brand's official website. The pricing method is as follows:
  1. Brand official website euro price X payment currency exchange rate = payment 
  2. The price already includes customs fees and shipping charges will not be charged separately. .


  • PG Purchases from Aboard


  1. The PG platform belongs to the jewelry platform. The merchandise is unique and expensive, and the transportation risk is relatively high. It is a customized service for each customer and does not apply to the return policy for 7-day appreciation of the product. Be careful to consider and confirm the official website to search for relevant product information.
  2. After receiving the customer's order, the PG will immediately place an order or purchase the goods directly to the European supplier within 12 hours. After confirming the status of the goods, the PG will update the estimated delivery date at the member center, based on the actual delivery time.If the delivery time of special commodities is too long, it is too much beyond the above description. You cannot accept the delivery. Within 24 hours after you receive the notice, if you want to cancel the order, please inform the customer service staff to process and refund.
  3. If the supplier does not have the corresponding inventory, the stock status of all Europe will be confirmed first. After confirmation, you will be notified of the correct delivery date.
  4. If there is no stock corresponding to the goods in Europe, the manufacturer's production completion date will be confirmed immediately, and the delivery date will be confirmed. PG Customer will notify the consumer within 24 hours after receiving the order to confirm whether they agree to continue to wait for delivery. If they do not agree, PG will agree to cancel the order and refund the amount, no fee will be charged


  • International Distribution

  1. The European Suppliers will collect the products purchased through the PG website and respond to the delivery date of the consumers twice a week (FedEx International Express or send personnel to pick up the product in person in Europe).
  2. The nationality of each supplier is different, and there are different holidays. Therefore, it may be different in the delivery confirmation. This difference is not within the scope of the purchase agreement. PG cannot provide any compensation loss. Please carefully confirm the purchased products before placing the order and confirm the delivery date with the customer service after placing the order. If it is unable to deliver the goods within the agreed time due to the PG slip order, PG will provide 10% of the product coupon as the compensation for your next purchase. (Please refer to PG official website for the applicable products and scope of the discount coupon)


  • Domestic Customs Clearance


  1. PG purchases and delivers the address as the import operation of the products. Please fill in the correct information for the success delivery. The price corresponding to the goods on the website includes all goods tariffs and 16% VAT. PG does not charge any additional service fees.
  2. Depending on the national conditions of each country, due to the national holidays, it is impossible to complete the customs formalities within the agreed time, resulting in failure to complete the delivery procedures within the scheduled time. Consumers may not cancel orders or claim compensation unilaterally.


  • Domestic delivery designated point

  • When the products enter the PG designated collection warehouse, the PG will record the shipments in full 24 hours, and indeed ensure that the dripping does not leak and prevent the package from being delivered. After the PG confirms that the verification is correct, the PG special transparent damage bag PG special packaging box, handbag or original packaging and paper bag will be attached to the outer box with relevant shipping information. The products will be delivered daily at 15:00 and delivered to SF Express. Delivered to the designated location of the domestic consumer. Transparent packaging should be opened after the product has been confirmed and correct.
  1. If you have a special delivery time, please mark the delivery time on the website.
  2. When the products are received, Shunfeng Express will immediately inform you of the relevant delivery information by mobile phone newsletter. If you have any questions, please contact PG customer service staff or connect with the express delivery.WWW.SHUNFON EXPRESS.COM。
  3. Because the products are more expensive, please receive the products and confirm it immediately to ensure your rights and interests.
  4. Please pay special attention to the fact that PG sales are precious metal jewelry. Please carefully check whether the product is the one you purchased before unpacking the transparent wrecking bag. Use, PG is not returned for any reason.
  5. If the goods are not purchased at the time of receipt due to the PG shipment error, please contact the PG customer service immediately, and the original package will be sealed. The PG will send the Shunfeng Express to process the subsequent return. PG will handle and bear the relevant shipping costs.
  6. Insurance: The products provided by PG are insured for related product transportation insurance during transportation.
  7. If you have any questions about PG's webpage, shopping process, delivery, etc., please contact customer service at the following business hours:
  • Customer service staff voice prompt reply::
  1. Monday to Friday: 7:00~22:00
  2. Saturday and Sunday holidays: 9:00~17:00
  3. At other times, please leave your contact information and questions by mail or voice message. The customer service staff will contact you immediately at the first time of work or call again at the business!!
  4. Online order: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year